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 FAO JATYK, PFA2 and Raptors

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FAO JATYK, PFA2 and Raptors Empty
PostSubject: FAO JATYK, PFA2 and Raptors   FAO JATYK, PFA2 and Raptors Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 3:52 pm

We may not always see eye to eye and often challenge each other, which is good and healthy, in my opinion.

Anyone who knows me well, will know that I take people as I find them. Therefore, I would like to thank Bonnybraes and Members of JATYK for their supportive comments. Also to thank Alibongo and members of PFA2 for their support. Not forgetting Andy and Chaos Raptors. Lets hope we can get to the bottom of this disgusting business.

To Sans Souci, I was quite sick at what I was reading on MM, directed at you. I am so sorry that I was unable to support you on there.

Thank you all.

If you see someone who isn't smiling. Give them one of yours.
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FAO JATYK, PFA2 and Raptors
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