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PostSubject: Ironside   Ironside Icon_minitimeThu Sep 16, 2010 12:49 pm

The members of The Machine wish Ironside our support in her fight for cancer. Indeed many members of this site have left supportive messages on her blog and also on Brens, The Headlines Today blog. A link to Dani's blog has been provided to encourage members to leave positive supportive comments. That is the only link this site's URL has to the blogs involved.

Any suggestions that this site and it's membership are involved in any games agenda being played to stir up trouble between forums and individuals are unfounded. Those involved in this manipulation should be ashamed of themselves. Suggestions and insinuations are just that.

It is unlikely any of the sites being accused of being the source of hate emails or comments are guilty of doing such a thing as a deliberate agenda. It is down to an individual or individuals, I believe, that have nothing better to do than exploit a cancer sufferer to manipulate a disgusting and hateful game. Where they visit any other blog from, or exit that blog too, is meaningless.

If you see someone who isn't smiling. Give them one of yours.
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